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Avulsed – Altar Of Disembowelment – EP Review

Worship at the altar of Avulsed 's ever-reliable death metal!

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The epitome of reliability, Spanish death metallers Avulsed have been plying their deathly trade since 1991 and have established themselves as an outfit that may receive little recognition but deserve plaudits for their groove-drenched consistency.

Avulsed’s latest release, Altar Of Disembowelment, is a 5 track EP that continues this trend, delivering a solid set of melody infused yet ferociously brutal death metal that satisfyingly scratches that death metal itch in all of us. These songs can flatten cities but this is achieved with an ever-present ear for a fiendish hook and gut-rumbling groove; the kind that death metal legends Dismember used to peel off in their sleep.

“To Sacrifice And Devour” mauls malevolently – propelled by Dave Rotten’s ridiculously low-end growls – while “Ceremony Of Impalement” favours melody, in a death metal context of course, that provides enough light and shade to keep this EP entertaining throughout.

The final track is saved for a crushingly heavy cover of Sabbath’s “Neon Knights” and is a revelation…but only because it’s nothing like the original version. If you thought Tony Iommi and the boys weren’t capable of writing death metal suitable material you’d be right! There is no resemblance whatsoever between Avulsed’s version and the Dio fronted classic, making this re-intepretation sound like an original composition.

Refreshingly reliable and devoid of bullsh*t, Altars Of Disembowelment incorporates a tried and tested – yet winning formula – that results in a pure death metal experience. And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that! 8/10

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