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Arisen From Nothing – Broken – EP Review

They shall ARISE!

Seattle natives Arisen From Nothing are a modern metal collective whose latest EP, Broken, proves to be a 5 tracker of considerable pace and power featuring fluid solos, aggressive verses, semi-melodic choruses and all manner of Disturbed meets Chimaira (oh how we miss Chimaria!) meets Devildriver shenanigans to take a hefty bite out of.

From a political perspective, “American Patriot” may not echo with as much force this side of the Atlantic but it’s a catchy as fuck track nonetheless. “Falling From Grace” goes for the jugular and finds Arisen From Nothing sounding more like Disturbed than ever (that’s no bad thing, we like Disturbed) while “Born Hated” is a suitably vicious closer.

The only gripe is the relatively safe construct of the roared/barked/growled verses and sung choruses which may be a proven winner of a formula but it’s too predictable at times. Still, Arisen From Nothing have constructed a brutal yet melodic metal EP with a shit tonne of hooks and no end of commercial accessibility.

Disturbed have made a hell of a career for themselves out of peddling this kind of metal – although Arisen From Nothing are notably heavier than Davey Draiman and co. – so there’s absolutely no reason why these Seattle lads can’t follow suit.

Big songs, big performances….Arise From Nothing could rise to be….BIG! 7/10

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