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Aftermath – Smash Reset Control – Single Review

"Fuck the system, its a scam......AND YOU'RE A FUCKING SLAVE!"

Chicago’s favourite progressive thrash sons are back with new material and, on this evidence, those of you expecting the technically adept, progressively-minded Aftermath found on underground 90’s classic Eyes Of Tomorrow will be left wanting. Instead, on “Smash Reset Control” at least, Aftermath circa 2018 are back to being a crossover thrash colossus, thrashin’ hard and fast and forever adorned with a bug-eyed sneer!

As indicated, “Smash Reset Control” actually recalls the blistering speed and aggression found on Aftermath’s Killing The Future demo – from way back in 1987 – with frontman Kyriakos “Charlie” Tsiolis spitting out lyrics at a pace that matches the frenzied onslaught of Aftermath’s riffs.

The world is currently a shit-storm of unfathomable proportions and Aftermath have plenty to say about it…..and their state of the world address is a frenetic joy to behold!

“You know shit!” “Fuck debate!” “Common sense has lost its way!” “Fuck the system, its a scam……AND YOU’RE A FUCKING SLAVE!” screams “Charlie” as a track which takes great pleasure in kicking your face in begins its earth-shaking tirade.

The result is a song which takes no prisoners and positively demands a revolution. Put it this way, you’d be a fool to look the other way!

Word is that Aftermath’s forthcoming full length release is an 11 track concept album and exactly where “Smash Reset Control” fits into that formula is unknown. For now, we’l just enjoy the fact that Aftermath have new material in the bag and its capable of tearing you limb from limb.

Aftermath; as unpredictable, as ever. 8/10

“Smash Reset Control” is taken from Aftermath’s forthcoming album There Is Something Wrong.

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