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Abhorrent Decimation – Miasmic Mutation – Album Review

Bow down before the UK's new Death Metal kings!

Source // Abhorrent Decimation

UK Death Metal new-boys Abhorrent Decimation have been slowly building a solid – and rabid – fanbase for a while now. Their debut album, Miasmic Mutation, has had quite the buzz about it with expectation reaching fever pitch but let’s face it, we’ve heard that all before right? A new band arrives on the scene, hyped up, expected to deliver a monster of an album only to fall flat on their collective faces; victims to apathy once the inevitable hype dies down off the back of what turns out to be a mediocre release.

Well thank the high priest of fuck that Abhorrent Decimation do not, under any circumstances, fall into that category! Take our words for it when we say Miasmic Mutation could very well be the debut of the year, regardless of sub-genre. It’s really that good.

So we’ve talked it up but why is this ‘prodigious’ debut worth your hard earned money? Simple, it’s clinical, it’s brutal, it’s home to some monumental chugging riffs and best of all, it just plain kicks ass. Abhorrent Decimation have perfectly balanced technicality with that all important mosh-ability, incorporating the best of old-school Death Metal (think the brute force of Cannibal Corpse and the intricacy of Deicide) with the newer breed of faithful yet tech-savvy death-bringers such as Decapitated and Hour Of Penance. The songwriting is top class, consistent and endlessly inventive and while Death Metal can sometimes feel staid and trapped within it’s own limiting confines, there’s an open feel to Miasmic Mutation‘s lethal and lively songs that captures the attention throughout.

With more depth than a porn-stars undercarriage, this is one album that achieves the almost impossible in this day and age; it makes Death Metal sound fresh and utterly vital again! 9/10

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