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TRACK PREMIERE: Nattmaran – “Runaway” (Thrash ‘n’ roll)

Evil lurks!

“Wait a minute, this sounds like thrash and/or roll.”

You’re damn right pal and the best part: it’s brand spanking new!!!!! 

The international collective of ne’er-do-wells known as Nattmaran are dead set on proving that not only can you breathe new life into old genres, but you can have a hell of a time doing it. If you’re hungry for a fiendish mingling of witching hour shrieks, below the belt riffs and an irreverent tempo, “Runaway” will satiate your appetite.

Nattmarran show zero shame in getting their throwback on and as such there’s plenty packed in the song’s three plus minutes that’ll make the remnants of the PMRC squirm.

This is all the more interesting considering that Nattmaran isn’t making any effort to conceal the fact that they’re invoking a much more ancient set of tones and when broken down to the most basic elements there’s only one word that can describe “Runaway”: cool. 

The Lurking Fear is due for release on September 3rd 2021 through Wise Blood Records. Pre orders are available at Bandcamp.

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