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Speed / Black / Heavy Metal Hellions BÜTCHER Announce New Member!

A new man invades!

Speed/black/heavy metal hellions Bütcher are enormously proud to announce Max Mayhem as their second guitar player. Max is well known as guitarist in Belgian thrash metal act Evil Invaders.

“I’m glad to announce that I am now joining Belgian speed metal force Bütcher as second guitarist!” says Max. “It was an honor for me to play with the boys at the release show of the new record. And the chemistry is there, both on- and offstage. Why not keep this going? As a fan of raw-sounding metal, fast vintage riffing, and occasional blastbeats, it’s a pure pleasure for me to share the stage – and beers! – with Bütcher. I can’t wait to crush some skulls again once everything is back to normal!”

Max will fill the gap created in early 2019, when KK Ripper and R Hellshrieker re-envisioned the band. Playing again with two guitarists will allow Bütcher to perform their new songs in all their twin-guitar glory while also broadening the compositions from their upcoming album.

Max has a busy schedule with Evil Invaders,but Bütcher have always found solutions in very talented friends and musicians to make any live show happen. That will not change now they are a five-piece again. Welcome, Max!

Bütcher released their latest album, “666 Goats Carry My Chariot”, via the legendary Osmose Productions, on January 31st 2020…..receiving incredible reviews worldwide!

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