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MORTUARY Release Video For New Neckbreaking Death / Thrash Anthem “Delete / Replace”

For fans of : Vader, Legion of the Damned, The Crown.....

Humanity has reached a tipping point.

For centuries, Mankind has devoured, ingested and dejected the living until it made its own specie enter its final stage with the sixth mass extinction. A total failure of a capitalistic system feeding on resources that can’t be renewed. The ruling few on top of the food chain enslaving the 99%. The destruction of bio-diversity in favor of the industrialized mass destruction. It’s the end of times. Man now devours man ethically and societaly as anthropocene starts to rage.

Welcome to our ecological and societal suicide. It’s time to DELETE…..and REPLACE!

Featuring eleven relentless and intense thrash / death anthems, this new Mortuary album showcases the band’s songwriting versatility. From face-ripping thrashing tornados like opening iron storm “Delete / Replace”  (you’ve just watched the video above) to gigantic wrecking balls such as “Monuments” or “Memorial in vivo”, Mortuary are blatantly more incensed than ever!

Celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary, the limited edition DigiPak CD first print features not less than three bonus tracks and brand new recordings of songs from MORTUARY‘s demo days.

The Autophagous Reign
8th November 2019


  • 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print with three bonus tracks [XKR025CDLE]
  • 100 of the above as “Mailorder Collector Edition” adding an exclusive bonus CD featuring ieght songs of the album as preproduction versions [XKR025CDMCE]
  • Digital [XKR025D

Line Up

  • Patrick GERMONVILLE – Vocals
  • Alexis BAUDIN – Guitars
  • Bastien LEGRAS – Guitars
  • Jean-Noël VERBECQ – Bass
  • Johann VOIRIN – Drums

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