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Lost Nitro Album Finally Available On Vinyl!

For fans of true 1980's Glam Metal!

Source // Nitro

US trad metal veterans Nitro are ready to unleash the never before released, legendary and considered ‘lost’ album Volatile Activity on vinyl, thanks to vinyl specialists Blood and Iron/Metal Soldiers Records.

Nitro formed in 1979 – releasing their famous 10 inch EP Lethal in 1982 – quickly signing with legendary Belgian label Mausoleum Records and releasing the full length LP Lethal + II in 1983. But from there, progress stalled and Nitro appeared to go an extended hiatus for nigh on three decades.

Cut to 2015 and hot on the heels of Skol Records July 2013 CD release of the Nitro anthology, Lethal Dose, Volatile Activity arrives to keep the Nitro renasissance alive as an eagerly awaited limited release in black vinyl and blue vinyl.

For more than 26 years, this complete and self-produced album has been tucked away deep in the Nitro vaults…..but no more! Vinylphiles and 80’s heavy metal fanatics can now get their hands on 10 vintage tracks, originally forged in 1987, alongside 2013’s re-recorded single “Uranium” (from the Volatile Activity sessions) serving as the connective tissue to span the decades between classic and farm-fresh Nitro.

Listen to Volatile Activity here: www.soundcloud.com/nitroamerica

Volatile Activity is availiable to order now from Blood and Iron Records at bloodandironrecords.com/bloodandironrecords@gmail.com

Official Nitro t-shirts from Shadow Kingdom Records are also available in classic black and red and featuring vintage design from original 1982 Brett Tyson artwork:

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