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METALMESSAGE’s new Promo Compilation, VI, features 15 tracks from 15 different bands drawn from a wide range of metal genres including Thrash, Melodic Death, Viking, Folk & Black Metal. So far, so good eh!

From the ripping thrash of Germany’s Warfield and Running Death to the melodic death metal of Denmark’s Sylvatica and Austria’s Halo Creation, European metal is well represented on this tantalising glimpse into the delights of the underground.

A digital only release, VI is available for free via download from the official Bandcamp page of METALMESSAGE. Get it here!

The track listing is as follows….

1. ALTECK (Germany) “– . – .- .-.. — . … … .- –. .”

2. WARFIELD (Germany) “Barrage Fire”

3. SYLVATICA (Denmark) “Evil Seeds”

4. EISENHAUER (Germany) “Horse Of Hell”

5. INCURSED (Basque Country) “Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire)”

6. RUNNING DEATH (Germany) “Hell On Earth”

7. MORTHUS (Germany) “Blinded By The Holy Light”

8. SKYCONQUEROR (Germany) “Horsemen Of The Grail”

9. CYRENCE (Germany) “The Hospital”

10. HALO CREATION (Austria) “Through The Looking Glass”

11. MORTAL PERIL (Germany) “Senor Wampo”

2. TOXIC WALTZ (Germany) “Priest Of Lie”

13. NORTHLAND (Spain) “When Nature Awakes”

14. VENGEFUL GHOUL (Turkey) “The Sovereign Place”

15. MYRKGRAV (Norway) “Vonde Auer”

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