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German Thrashers Assassin are “Back From The Dead” On New Track!

Thraaaaasssshhhhhhh 'til death....then come back again!

Source // nuclearblast.de

Kings of brutal speed, teutonic thrashers Assassin are prepping for war on forthcoming album, Combat Cathedral, but first they’re coming “Back From The Dead” and classic thrash fans are fast reminded why this cult act remains so revered.

Still delivering fast and precise thrash at the highest level, from the first to the last note of the new album this is a full-throttle thrash attack metal containing bags of energy and ultra-heavy riffing! So, fasten that body-armour and enter the Combat Cathedral!

Jürgen “Scholli” Scholz (guitar) comments: “Like back in the 80s, the new album stands for thrash metal at its finest, but, after the last album Breaking The Silence, much more mature, developed and with a very fat production. Songs with 220–240 bpm are not rare, same with groovy mosh-parts, which are partially nested into each other and a lot of sticking Refrains, which will animate you, to shout them along immediately together with our new Singer Crowzak.”

The opening track from Combat Cathedral sums it up perfectly; Assassin are back from the dead!

Check it out for yourselves:


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