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Divebomb Records Unveil Huge Roster Of Future Releases!

Duck and cover!

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Divebomb records has been responsible for a plethora of must own reissues and releases of late, no more so than the remastered release of Aftermath‘s Killing The Future, Holosade’s Hell House and the previously unreleased early 90’s classic that is Intrinsic’s phenomenal ‘lost album’ Nails.

Deploying next are two reissues by Swiss thrashers Apocalypse, with their self-titled debut and follow up Faithless seeing the light of day once again. German tech thrash act Skeptic Sense’s Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology collects their complete, 16-song discography while Swedish death metallers Miasmal see their third album Tides Of Omniscience receive a North American release (licensed from Century Media for North America).

After that, watch out for Despair’s Beyond All Reason, Deathrow’s Life Beyond, Silent Scream’s From The Darkest Depths Of The Imagination and Ride With The Devil from new Brazilian doomsters Witching Altar.

Coming early spring and into summer (hopefully) is Messina’s Terrortory, Slave Raider’s Bigger, Badder & Bolder, Hard Knox’s Psyco’s R Us, Eden’s Eden, Antagonist’s Blessed & Cursed…To Life On Earth (the EP + more), The Brood’s The Brood, Fatal Opera’s Fatal Opera and The Eleventh Hour and Visitor’s Visitor.

Divebomb Records are also hoping to deliver the much delayed God Save The Scene from Tyrranicide & Stygian’s Planetary Destruction (+ demos).

Divebomb’s Bootcamp Series continues with releases from Oblivion (NJ), Thee Final Chaptre, Autumn Silence, Varix, Martini, Minds Eye, Bugzy, Mooncalf, Terminus and more!

Divebomb are also in talks with Deadly Blessing, Dyoxen, Banshee, Tracer Fox, Creepin’ Death, Drop Hammer, End Amen, Unbound, Temple, Temporary Insanity Surrealist, Graven Image, Consecrator, Stormbringer, Firing Squad, Airdash, Altura, Hammersmyth, Psycho Scream, Catharsis and more.

Huge? That list of future releases is megalithic!


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