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An announcement to leave Vladimir Putin shitting his pants. And so is Dave Mustaine.

Thrashers of the world, rejoice!!! Drum magus supreme Dave Lombardo has re-joined the ranks of San Francisco Bay Area titans (of creation) Testament!

The Slayer legend re-joins the Brotherhood Of The Snake following the amicable exit of Gene Hoglan in January, just in time for the resumption of the “The Bay Strikes Back” tour with Exodus and Death Angel in April and May 2022. Lombardo will also (“no doubt”) appear on the next album in the by now long line of sheer perfection from a band that has more than earned the expansion of “The Big Four” into “The Big Five” for all eternity.

Lombardo is no stranger to Testament, having featured on the band’s resurrection and all-time classic album The Gathering.

“I’ll state the obvious,” says frontman Chuck Billy. “We are more than overwhelmed to welcome back Dave Lombardo to play drums with Testament. We are so excited to share the stage again with Lombardo. Dave added immense power when he joined the band for The Gathering, and we are ecstatic to see what new flavor he will bring back to Testament.”

Adds guitarist Eric Peterson: “Having Dave Lombardo join us again feels like we are picking up where unfinished business had left off. There is a silver lining to every cloud and working again with Dave calls for us to celebrate with our horns held high.”

And last, but most definitely not least, the drum magus Lombardo himself: “This is a long-awaited reunion that was bound to happen. Once upon a time, we created a thrash masterpiece. I have no doubt that our musical chemistry will pick up exactly where we left off. I love the Testament family and am very excited to be joining them once again. Pure brutality awaits.”

Indeed. Overwhelmed. Horns held high. Pure brutality. Why, that’s how Worship Metal feels, and this is just the announcement! We. Cannot. Wait.

And just imagine Lombardo on latter-day Testament classics:

So brutal, Vladimir Putin will shit his pants.

And so will Dave Mustaine. That Dave Ellefson replacement announcement is looking a little tepid now…

Welcome back, Lombardo. The State Of The Union is strong.

(photo credit: Stephanie Cabral)

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