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Danny Worsnop Has Announced His Departure From Asking Alexandria

This Band Is So Divisive Even Their Lead Singer Doesn't Like Them Anymore

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In a surprising turn of events, Danny Worsnop has announced his departure from Asking Alexandria, leaving this most divisive of bands rudderless and in search of a new frontman.

Whatever your feelings on Asking Alexandria, and people tend to have very strong feelings when it comes to this band, the timing Worsnop’s departure seems rather strange. Success as a headline act in the States had been achieved and the UK was beginning to wake up to their brand of MetalCore/Heavy Metal; super-stardom beckoned!

Alas, it was not to be and the remaining band members have confirmed they are on the hunt for a replacement while Danny Worsnop has committed his future to his other band, 80’s Metal-Worshippers, We Are Harlot.

Time will tell if this is a set-back for either party and it’ll be intriguing to see where they go from here; we predict a reunion in 10 years time!

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