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Cerebral Fix Update On New Album Progress!

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Cerebral Fix, the UK’s prime deliverer’s of crust-punk/crossover thrash, have had a few ups and downs over the last few months but have announced that work on their first new material in 24 years is still a top priority.!

Their debut album, Life Sucks… And Then You Die!, and their 3 albums released through Roadrunner Records in the early 90’s (Tower Of Spite, Bastards, Death Erotica) are all crossover-thrash crushers and long overdue for reappraisal.

Fans have waited a long time for a follow-up and it looks like that wait will come to an end in 2016. Guitarist Tony Warburton took to Facebook to announce comprehensive news on what the future holds for Cerebral Fix:

“Hey Fix Fans,

We hope you have enjoyed the Christmas holiday period, however you celebrate it. It’s been awhile since we gave you an update to where we are at in regards to our new album so here you go.

We have had a busy time over the last few months in our personal lives, and coupled with that we have been on the hunt for replacements for Steve and Al who chose to leave the band to concentrate more on their other band Raven’s Creed. This happened just before we were due to record the vocals for the new album. The guitars and drums are all recorded for the album and we are looking forward to finishing it over the next few months.

Long time member Gregg Fellows has now left the country to live with his future wife in Holland, but has not left the band. This put us in an awkward position in regards to gigging, so we have enlisted the services of our good friend and ex-Selfless guitarist Chris Doss. Chris will be a permanent member of the band, but if we can do a gig with Gregg, Gregg will join us all on stage as a third guitarist (Maiden-Style) for the usual lunacy. We have now replaced Steve on bass with another old friend Nigel Joiner. Nigel has played in a lot of local bands and is an experienced player, and we are looking forward to working with him. On vocals we’ve enlisted the help of Absolution vocalist Neil Hadden. Neil will remain the vocalist with Absolution but will be joining us on stage for any future gigs with the Fix.

We will be going back into rehearsals soon, to get the new guys up to speed with the album, and at the same time working with Neil to ready the lyrics and vocals for the new album.

I will update you all again once we ready to record the vocals for album. This one has become a long journey for us, but we are eager to get it finished. Overall Andy, Gregg and I have been very happy with how the album has turned out, it sits musically somewhere around Life Sucks… and Tower Of Spite and is entitled Disaster Of Reality.

So it’s a new year and a new start for us all, and we looking forward to unleash the album to you. Sorry for the long wait with this, but I hope you’ll all think it’s worth it when the album finally drops.

Peace and love to you all
Tony Warburton”

Sounds good to us! \m/

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