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Avant-Garde Black Metallers Misanthropic Rage Announce Their Debut Album!

Open The Gates!

Source // Misanthropic Rage

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Misanthropic Rage’s highly anticipated debut album, Gates No Longer Shut.

Aptly titled, Gates No Longer Shut is a 40-minute firestorm of frayed logic, feverish frequencies, and ceremonial magick. With dissonant riffing colliding with spiraling melodies, down-tempo trudges giving way to tornado’s of hypnotic speed and scabrous blackened vocals fighting with clean-toned exhortations, Gates No Longer Shut entrances the listener with a continual and torturously twisting push ‘n’ pull between black metal and death metal.

Weaving cryptic tales across seamless songwriting – and yet never losing sight of each song’s emotional centre – the duo remain grounded firmly within blackened death metal but push its boundaries in a respectable, reverential manner.

With a nod to the pioneering days of Moonfog during the late ’90s, the past is alive with Gates No Longer Shut and Misanthropic Rage are the future!

Source // Misanthropic Rage

Source // Misanthropic Rage

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