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Are WAMWAL The First Metal Band To Ditch Guitars In Favour Of A Horn Section?

Hear the debut track from the only metal band driven by a six piece horn section!

Source // WAMWAL

A horn section? Instead of guitars? How the fuckin’ chuff can this still be metal we hear you cry!!

And you’d be right to question the logic (as did we) but metal this most definitely is….just not presented in a fashion you may be accustomed to. However, if you imagine Sikth, Korn and Slipknot crashing a New Orleans second line parade – and staying for the party – and you’ll be close to the unique sound conjured by We Are Many, We Are Legion (or WAMWAL for short).

The band’s genesis is best described by WAMWAL themselves: “We were born because horns are heavy and, short of the odd sax solo here and there, it’s hard to find any metal bands utilising the dirty rasp and groove of New Orleans style horns. We formed in the hope that others will follow and help create a whole new sub-genre of metal”.

Check out “Lost Inside” and decide for yourself if WAMWAL are on to something….either way, you can’t ignore that they’ve a sound all of their own!


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