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UK Thrashers Solitary Release Expanded Digital Reissues & Uncover A Collectors Item!

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Solitary, the UK thrash masters who have been enjoying rave reviews for their latest album The Diseased Heart Of Society, have decided to make their two previous studio albums available digitally and in expanded format.

1998’s Nothing Changes is now available with the added bonus of the 1996 demo tracks that secured Solitary their first record deal with Holier Than Thou Records. These demo tracks have never been made available before digitally and only fans who purchased the original demo tape, or took part in the pledge music campaign to support live album I Promise to Thrash Forever will have heard them before. The additional tracks are as follows…

1. A Second Chance (’96 demo version)
2. The Bottom Line (’96 demo version)
3. What Price (’96 demo version)
4. No Reason (’96 demo version)
5. FEAR (’96 demo version)

Meanwhile, 2008s Requiem now comes complete with Solitary’s 2001 Demo, that was recorded to help with the search for a new label and again has never been made available digitally before. Only those who picked up a limited edition copy from a gig back in the day or, again, supported the I Promise To Thrash Forever pledge campaign will have heard these versions before.

1. Spineless (’01 demo version)
2. 15 Years (’01 demo version)
3. I See Nothing (’01 demo version)
4. Relentless (’01 demo version)

Speaking about the decision to make these demos available band founder member and frontman Rich Sherrington said

“We’ve been asked a few times about releasing the demos on CD but we didn’t feel that it was the right thing to do. We’ve always felt that the album versions of the tracks are much stronger, which is main the reason why we haven’t pursued it with the foreign labels who suggested it. However, we listened again recently and these versions definitely have an energy of their own. Also, the fact that digital platforms allow people to stream or download individual tracks, to us feels like a fair way of getting these recordings out to the people who want to hear them.”

The new digital releases are available now from CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all major digital distributors.

In additional news, Solitary have discovered a small batch of the original pressing of the Nothing Changes CD, lurking at the back of a store cupboard. With different cover art from the Casket Music reissue that came out in 2004, these are real collectors’ items and only very limited numbers exist.

Now is the time to snap up some Solitary history at a time when their popularity is reaching new highs! If you’re quick you can pick one up from the band’s on-line store at http://www.solitary.org.uk/product/nothing-changes-original-1998-version/


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