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The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

2015 saw thrashing rage come of age once again!

2. Intrinsic – Nails

Source // Intrinsic

Source // Intrinsic

Must hear track: The whole album is a revelation but “Denial” is the cream of an exceptional crop!

A release of an album long thought lost, Intrinsic’s astonishing Nails finally reached an audience this year and those who have experienced this unsung gem know just how lucky we are to finally have it available!

An exquisite melding of genres that unites the sounds of Savatage, Nevermore, Iced Earth, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, Intrinsic’s sophomore album was originally recorded between 1991 and 1992 but never released….until now. Inconceivably ‘lost’ for nearly 25 years, Nails is so much more than just a mere curiosity, it’s a fucking revelation! With an uncanny knack for bridging Progressive Thrash with the Grunge sound that ironically sounded thrash’s death knell, this album literally has everything.

The thrashers are kept happy with the ferociously intelligent “State Of The Union”, “Die Trying”, “Pillar Of Fire” and “Too Late But Not Forgetten” while “Fight No More” channels a classic Maiden vibe and “On Gossamer Wings” perfectly straddles the disparate sounds of mid 70’s Judas Priest and the histrionics of prog thrash kings Artillery.

Sound like a confusing mess of styles? Don’t fret, this shit really works….and it gets refreshingly weirder.

“Inner Sanctum” and “Mourn For Her” are a mix of classic Led Zeppelin and mid-80’s Rush – minus the keyboards (thankfully) – and are prime examples of the sheer talent Intrinsic had/have at their disposal. Songwriters par excellence, as adept at thrashing hard as they are composing 7 minutes flights of epic grandeur, Intrinsic’s skill is no better served than on Nails’ undoubted highlight, “Denial”. An astonishingly versatile track that is undoubtedly the missing link between thrash and grunge – with Alice In Chains styled melody contrasting with intermittent thrash tempos and a kick-ass, heads-down ending – this song can only be described as a progressive thrash classic.

A truly outstanding release that was well worth the 25 year wait, Nails is the kind of album you tell your friends to buy at all costs….and they tell their friends and they tell their friends. Just like the kind of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing we all lived by over two and a half decades ago!!

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10 Comments on The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

  1. Morti Viventi – The day the dead returned
    Distillator – Revolutionary Cells
    Best two for mine

  2. Hellbastard – Feral.

  3. Forgotten Horror, Aeon of the Shadow Goddess. Does it for me. I am enjoying discovering some of the bands on this list. Great job!

  4. Intrinsic #2!!! That is so awesome! We are so grateful. Thanks!

  5. Two of my favorite thrash albums this year are:

    Best: Inculter – Persisting Devolution
    2nd Best: Division Speed – Division Speed

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