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The 10 Greatest Melodic Metal / Power Metal Albums Of 2017

Powerful isn't it!

Pomp and ceremony, bravado and bluster; you gotta love a bit of chest-beating power metal/melodic metal and 2017 served up some delicious cheesy platters for us to gorge on this year!

Here’s Worship Metal’s selection of the 10 greatest melodic metal / power metal albums of 2017:

10. Bloodbound War of Dragons

Completely devoid of shame, Bloodbound‘s War Of Dragons was gloriously over the top and rife with typically pompous symphonic bluster…..and it was simply magnificent for exactly those reasons!

Marching into battle, with heads held high and with a distinct whiff of over-ripe brie filling their nostrils, Bloodbound embraced Euro-power like never before and took the sounds of Gloryhammer, Sabaton and Hammerfall into ever more absurd realms.

While the keys tended to overpower the relatively crunchy guitars, none of that mattered a jot when the songs were so infuriatingly, indomitably expressive and effervescent.

Pure power-pop-metal perfection!

9. Grave Digger – Healed By Metal

These legends of the scene need no introduction, they’ve consistently delivered high energy heavy fuckin’ metal for over 3 decades now and, as ever, they were at their bombastic best on the delightfully absurd Healed By Metal!

The 18th(!) album from these German’s may have failed to deviate from the blueprint but then Grave Digger are the power metal equivalent of Motorhead, and change would not be a good thing. Instead, they simply hammered home their rough and ready brand of power metal one more time and we lapped it up, safe in the knowledge that Grave Digger will always deliver the goods.

Do ye need healing? Grave Digger’s what you need!

8. Force Majeure – The Rise Of Starlit Fires

Recalling the sounds of 90’s Stratovaruis, these fellow Finns may not have the reputation afforded their more noted kinsmen but with The Rise Of Starlit Fires, Force Majeure may have lit the touch paper to send their career stratospheric!

Home to satisfyingly speedy riffs, boundless keyboards, exemplary vocals, fantastically audible bass lines and expansive and endlessly creative songwriting, The Rise Of Starlit Fires was powerful, propulsive and, above all, a perfect time capsule for the sound of time-honoured melodic euro metal at its finest.

On this evidence, Force Majeure’s next album could see them become major players!

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3 Comments on The 10 Greatest Melodic Metal / Power Metal Albums Of 2017

  1. Almanac – Kingslayer
    Great album. Without female voice would have been perfect. Women & metal= dislike

    • Chris Jennings // January 15, 2018 at 4:35 pm // Reply

      Really? Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, Nervosa, Girlschool, Detente, Fear Of God, Bloodyard, The 3rd And The Mortal….the list of great metal bands with female singers/members goes on and on!

  2. No love for Unleash the Archers? I’ll be working through this list, looks like a fun project and most of it is unknown to me.

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