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Quorthon – 5 Reasons Why The Bathory Frontman Was One Of The Greatest Visionaries in Metal

3. He Out-Thrashed The Thrashers

Source // en.metalship.org

Source // en.metalship.org

Turning his attention to Thrash in the mid 90’s, Quorthon proved equally adept at Thrash as he did Black Metal and Viking Metal.

Considering he influenced the majority of Thrash bands that went on to find fame and fortune it seemed apt that when he wanted to, Quorthon thrashed harder and faster than most!

Recalling the clamour and clatter of Celtic Frost, Kreator and early Slayer, Bathory’s Thrash albums Requiem and Octagon were dirty, raw and totally at odds with the Technical Thrash prevalent of the time; almost as if Quorthon had tired of the overly sanitised nature of Metallica, Megadeth et al in the mid 90’s and looked to take the genre back to its roots.

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