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Kreator’s Gods Of Violence – All Your Questions Answered!

Gods of thrash....and power metal???

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There’s already a million identikit reviews of Kreator’s Gods Of Violence floating around in internet land so Worship Metal simply cuts to the chase and answers the questions on everyones lips.

No bullshit, no fannying around, just straight up answers to the burning questions…..

It’s been almost five years since Phantom Antichrist (2012), marking the longest gap between two studio albums in their career. Was it worth the wait?

It may be too soon to tell as Gods Of Violence is no ‘normal’ Kreator album (more on that later) but their return is a welcome one. They’re ingrained in the very fabric of thrash metal’s DNA and new material will always be greeted with nothing but jubilation from real fans of thrash.

Any goth / industrial bollocks on Gods Of Violence?

No. The 90’s were the 90’s (we refer of course to 1992’s opinion-dividing Renewal, 1995’s Cause For Conflict and 1997’s Endorama) and Kreator have sat proudly atop the thrash hierarchy since they returned to form with 2001’s Violent Revolution.

So, this is a straight up thrash assault on the senses then?

Well, kind of. This is categorically not the Kreator that first pummelled our senses with Pleasure To Kill and how could it be? Time has passed, Kreator have matured and with Gods Of Violence, they have utilised melodic structure like never before.

They’ve gone soft then?

Now that’s tricky as Kreator could never be described as soft but they have harnessed a power metal sound on this particular album that would sit them comfortably next to Helloween and Gamma Ray as opposed to the expected likes of Destruction and Sodom!

Mille Petrozza doesn’t now sound like Andi Deris though does he?

Of course he fuckin’ doesn’t! That instantly recognisable snarl is still there but his phrasing has taken on a more melodic edge; less barks more (gasp) singing!

So, they’ve gone bloody bonkers then?

Not bonkers, just fearless. This is a bold move and one that positively screams ‘we will not be pigeonholed!’

We’ve had a glut of quality releases from the classic Bay Area bands in recent years (Megadeth’s Dystopia, Exodus’ Blood In Blood Out, Testament’s Brotherhood of the Snake, Dark Angel’s The Evil Divides etc). Have Germany’s finest kept up with them?

Not really because they’ve chosen to expand their sound and embrace something a little less faithful to the traditional sounds of the 80’s. As previously identified there’s power metal influences, a little Gothenburg sound has crept in and there is still, of course, more than a little thrash rattling around! Kreator haven’t tried to keep up with their Bay Area brethren (have they ever?) but they have continued to solidify their position amongst the thrash elite.

So, where does Gods Of Violence rank when compared to their post 00’s output?

Sadly, it would be remiss not to state that Gods Of Violence is inferior to Violent Revolution, Enemy Of God, Hordes Of Chaos & Phantom Antichrist but Gods Of Violence is categorically not a disaster. Far from it. What it is, is a departure. One that came unexpectedly perhaps and one that will prove divisive for long term fans but it’s an excellent metal release from a band still leading the Teutonic charge.

Time will probably improve its standing but for now, Gods Of Violence should be treated as a curiosity to be approached with an open mind and the knowledge that Kreator are still far more than your average thrash band. 8/10

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