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Are Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard The Finest New Doom Metal Band On The Planet?

Psychedelic doom metal has it's new leaders....

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With a name like Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard you’re certainly going to get yourself noticed. You’re also undoubtedly a fuzzy, distortion drenched, doom metal band who probably partakes in mind-altering substances and often descends into epic excursions of hypnotic riffing that could – and should – go on for days.

That pretty much sums up Wrexham’s Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – and every doom metal band around – but what differentiates them from the doom metal pack we hear you cry? Well, it isn’t the non-conformity to doom metal’s rulebook – you’ll find no game-changing rule-bending as such – but rather the way they go about bringing their psychedelic doom screaming into your subconscious.

This level of head in a Breville experience is actually few and far between, fully engulfing and swarming its way into your blood stream with a de rigour mix of hypnotic crushing riffs and sky-shattering percussion and a vocalist whose ethereal vocals transcend the music. 

Jessica Ball’s utterings are utterly mesmerising – a voice that could lull angel’s from the skies – and all the more effective for their sporadic use. The result is something beyond hypnotically alluring as doom metal’s blueprint is twisted through a psychedelic funnel and stripped to its bare naked essentials; full-on fuzzy, probably offensively hairy, dawn-of-time primal and brought roaring into life by those vocals.

Check out “Les Paradis Artificiels” – an edit from the original LP version found on Noeth Ac Anoeth – for the full ‘mammoth’ experience. 

With a sound that emits the kind of earth-shattering ripples of a 24 hour Electric Wizard/Kylesa satanic orgy, it’s actually Sleep’s all-time classic Jerusalem that feels like the ideal bed partner. A huge comparison but a fair one and one that definitively marks out Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard as the finest new doom metal band on the planet!

Since the release of their acclaimed debut album, Noeth Ac Anoeth, the band have been holed up in their North Wales bunker writing their next magnum opus due for release in the Autumn of 2016. However, the call of the riff is ever strong and the Wrexham cosmic doom crew are hitching up with Nashville psych outfit All Them Witches as special guests on a series of UK dates, plus an appearance at the Tombstone All Dayer in Manchester.

Debut album Noeth Ac Anoeth is out now on New Heavy Sounds.

You can catch Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard live at these upcoming UK Shows:

Sun 28th Feb, London, The Lexington (with All Them Witches)
Mon 29th Feb, Manchester, Gullivers (with All Them Witches)
Tue 1st Mar, Glasgow, King Tuts (with All Them Witches)
Wed 2nd Mar, London, The Lexington (with All Them Witches)
Sat 5th Mar, Manchester, Star and Garter (Tombstone All Dayer)

Source // assets.noisey.com

Source // assets.noisey.com

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