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5 Reasons Why Scotland’s Wildfire Festival Is Leading The Way!

Wildfire Festival 2015; things are looking toasty in Scotland!

3. They’ve Thought Of Everything…And We Mean Everything!

Source // Wildfire

Source // Wildfire

How’s this for positioning themselves as the festival that literally caters for all….

Under 14’s go free!

Parking is free…simply rock-up, park-up and rock-out!

Free hot showers for those who like to smell as fresh as daisy….despite reeking of the previous night’s over-indulgence!

Wheelchair access, disabled toilets and a pledge to help with any special requirements….truly inclusive to all.

Wildfire are running Coaches from Lanark Train Station on Friday morning to return Monday morning. Board a train to Lanark from Glasgow, Edinburgh or various other places and Wildfire will do the rest, now that’s a service!

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4 Comments on 5 Reasons Why Scotland’s Wildfire Festival Is Leading The Way!

  1. Great review of a great festival. We take our kids (now 5 & 3) and they have a blast! 2 years ago I sat breastfeeding the baby listening to awesome music… now they run riot & pick daisies! The food vendors are great and not overpriced too!

    • Chris Jennings // May 22, 2015 at 5:37 pm // Reply

      Thanks Eleanor. The fact that Wildfire is family friendly distances them from the majority of similar festivals and you’re proof positive that they truly do deliver a unique experience. Thanks for reading and commenting \m/

  2. Obviously biased, but we are really trying to shake the tree. Festivals should be totally inclusive for all, value for money and you know what…..a bit of fun. All are welcome and as one of the organisers I can assure you, I usually end up buying everyone a drink? Take that Andy Copping 🙂

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