MEGADETH’s Most Underrated Songs….But is Anything from ‘Risk’ included?!

Of all the so called big 4 of thrash, Megadeth have been the most productive; releasing 15 full studio albums and the Hidden Treasures EP over a genre-defining nearly 40 year career! Thrash fans are fully aware that Dave Mustaine and his hired hands have released more than their fair share of undisputed classics over the years. However, with such a vast catalogue of work there are numerous high quality songs that become lost in the mire and remain sadly overlooked; songs we would love to hear dropped into a setlist every now and again! So join us as we countdown the top 13 underrated Megadeth songs, who knows we may even pick something from Risk! 13. “Look Who’s Talking” Taken from the album: Dystopia (2016) Heavy yet melodic riffs, propulsive drumming courtesy of Lamb Of God‘s Chris Adler, those infamous snarled vocals; 2016’s┬áDystopia saw Megadeth find form to rival their glory years and bonus track “LOOK WHO’S TALKING” is catchier than a dose of some horrible VD you’d get from one of Steel Panther‘s Asian Hookers. Coming across like a slighly more mature version of “Liar”, this track – found on the iTunes edition of Dystopia – has Dave Mustaine taking aim at some ne’er-do-well who has … Continue reading MEGADETH’s Most Underrated Songs….But is Anything from ‘Risk’ included?!