The 15 Greatest Thrash Metal Debuts Of 1985

By the time 1985 rolled around, thrash metal was already off to a more than healthy start but it could be argued that it was also the year when thrash truly broke through, delivering a series of genre-defining debut albums in the process. Presented in no particular order as they’re all mandatory…. Artillery – Fear Of Tomorrow [Denmark] Denmark’s Artillery have often found themselves criminally ignored and although 1990’s By Inheritance is their masterpiece, it’s Fear Of Tomorrow that deserves to be revered for its contribution to thrash metal’s ascendancy. Insanely-fast tremolo picking and machine-gun drums provide the battery while Artillery’s penchant for settling into mid-paced groove counterbalances the speed; no more so than on album highlights “The Almighty” and “King, Thy Name Is Slayer”. If this gem is collecting dust in your collection it’s time to unearth it’s intricate treasures…. because thrash this good deserves to be heard! Destruction – Infernal Overkill [Germany] These Germanic, bullet-belt strewn boys made one hell of an entrance when their full-length debut, Infernal Overkill, detonated in 1985. Blackened thrash was the order of the day and Infernal Overkill came out charred, scorched and searing; the heat generated from this trio of tormentors manifesting itself as feverish thrashers such as “The Ritual”, “Thrash Attack” and “Antichrist”. … Continue reading The 15 Greatest Thrash Metal Debuts Of 1985