The 10 Greatest Death Metal Debuts Of The 1980’s

Death metal may have conquered the world in the 1990’s but it was spawned in the 1980’s and it shook the metal world with its uncompromising stance on how ‘heavy’ metal could really be…..and these are the death metal DEBUTS that kickstarted a revolution! 10. D.V.C – Descendant Upheaval (1989) [USA] a.k.a. Darth Vader’s Church, D.V.C’s debut, Descendant Upheaval, may be somewhat of an obscurity but its merits are writ large over 44 minutes of unrelenting savagery. Taking its cues from early Bolt Thrower (circa In Battle There Is No Law), these Floridian upstarts hit hard with an onslaught of cavernously catchy riffs and throaty howls.   While D.V.C‘s relatively simple bludgeoning may sound antiquated to modern ears, Descendant Upheaval was actually at the forefront of death metal in the late 80’s; playing a vital role in enabling the genre to finally shake off the shackles of thrash once and for all. Descendant Upheaval is a death metal debut that’s as underrated as all hell!  9. Sepultura – Morbid Visions (1986) [Brazil]  Yeah, yeah, Sepultura aren’t death metal we hear some of you cry but there’s a school of thought that decrees Morbid Visions as the first death metal album. And who are we to argue with that?! … Continue reading The 10 Greatest Death Metal Debuts Of The 1980’s