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The 10 Greatest Combat Records Releases!

Here be metal monsters.....

Forced Entry – Uncertain Future

Forced Entry‘s debut album arrived in 1989 and their full throttle thrash – belying the fact they were a three piece – ironically should have predicted a certain future, one that would have seen them rise to the upper echelons of the thrash hierarchy!

Opening track “Bludgeon” did exactly that, hammering home Forced Entry’s way around a steamroller riff and a penchant for turning on a sixpence. Undeniably progressive in nature, this trio could out-muscle Testament (and Tony Benjamin’s vocals were straight from the Chuck Billy rulebook!) while throwing in as many tempo changes as humanly possible.

The results were generally fantastic, with the likes of the hideously violent “Anaconda” and the twisting and turning “Kaleidoscope Of Pain” providing enough technically complex thrills to endear them to both the Exodus/Vio-Lence/Dark Angel and the Coroner/Voivod/Watchtower crowd.

An underrated US thrash release from a band who deserved way more than their ‘also ran’ status.

Megadeth – Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!

Miraculously, a rejected genius with a spiralling drug addiction, and a mouth that refused to stay shut, led to auspicious beginnings. Dave Mustaine’s Megadeth were a recipe for disaster but the result gave us one of the most technically gifted Thrash bands on the planet.

Killing Is My Business… is undoubtedly Megadeth at their most unrefined and unrestrained with “Rattlehead” and “Mechanic” particularly endearing the band to slathering Thrash fans.

This may be lacking the precision pummelling of later releases but any short comings are balanced by boundless energy and a determination like no other; Metallica’s loss was the world’s gain.

*Those bemoaning our choice of Killing is my Business…over Peace Sells… etc should note that we consider these to be Capitol Records releases, hence no inclusion here!*

Dark Angel – Darkness Descends

Source // www.hrrshop.de

Unbridled ferocity, technical supremacy and relentless aural battery….is there a more succinct description of one of thrash metal’s greatest ever albums?

Featuring the rampaging “Merciless Death” and the progressively minded “Black Prophecies“, the first indication of the 100+ riffs per song and epic song length mentality the band would explore on later releases was writ large on Dark Angel‘s ferocious debut.

The eerie yet elegant bass intro to the aforementioned “Merciless Death” aside, moments of respite were few and far between as Dark Angel focused on thrashing harder, faster and with more gritted teeth malevolence than any other band on the planet.

Giving Slayer’s Reign In Blood a serious run for its money, this immortal entry in the history of thrash metal has lost none of its power.

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  1. Great article you may also want to add that Thom and Dave are launching Combat Radio on Los Anarchy Radio soon. And I would of added Blind Illusion’s “The Same Asylum” to the list.

  2. John Hand // May 15, 2019 at 4:17 pm // Reply

    Hi Metal bro,

    How about a review of our Lp?

    Out In October 31 ~-HANDofDEATH-~
    Ripped & Torn

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