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5 Rock/Metal Bands Who Completely Changed Genre…And Probably Shouldn’t Have Bothered!

1. Corrosion Of Conformity – From Crossover Thrash To Southern Rock

Source // mediaboom.org

Source // mediaboom.org

This one all depends on which incarnation of Corrosion Of Conformity floats your boat the most!

After beginning life as one of metal’s most forward-thinking bands with their abrasive crossover thrash masterpieces Animosity and Technocracy, C.O.C became a completely different beast when Pepper Keenan (Down) took the reins and they decided to change genre altogether.

The result was doom-drenched, Southern-fried hard rock which bore absolutely no resemblance to their previous sound.

That’s not to say that their new identity produced bad records, quite the contrary in fact. Deliverance, Wisebood and In The Arms Of God were all sludgy, riff-filled monsters but were so different to what came before that surely a change in band name would have been more appropriate?

Mike Dean, Reed Mullin and Woody Weatherman ironically reconvened in 2012 and attempted to merge their 80’s crossover thrash noise with their 90’s & 00’s southern-rock-meets-sludge sound on the relatively successful Corrosion Of Conformity and the even better IX.

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  1. Led Zeppelin managed to meld funk grooves into hard rock – we.g. Whole Lotta Love on The Song Remains The Same and Trampled Underfoot. The hybridization of popular music styles went out as soon as the music industry got control back from the artists (roughly mid 1970s onward) and everyone conformed. Get people addicted to one thing (like food companies do with sugar) and people expect the expected. Anyway don’t forget the response Scorpions got with Eye II Eye. (Grunge and techno styles gently mixed with their sophisticated hard rock) upset the narcotic expectation.

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