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5 Obscure Rock / Metal Albums From 1970 You NEED To Hear!

Obscure yet essential....

Frijid Pink – Defrosted [USA]

Frijid Pink – Defrosted (1970, Vinyl) - Discogs

Built on raw as sandpaper vocals and borderline proto doom metal/blues rock, Frijid Pink‘s Defrosted is another semi-lost classic that demands to be fully digested. “Black Lace” (not a reference to those “Agadoo” numpty’s as far as we know) deserves to be lauded as a classic alone, with its rough around the edges blues melding Deep Purple‘s “Mistreated” (4 years before that classic was even released) with The Groundhogs fuzzy preamble for psych-out flights of fancy.

Entirely of its period, Frijid Pink‘s finest album comes from the flower-power movement, with “Sing A Song For Freedom’s” Creedance Clearwater Revival harmonies, the Procul Harem mellotron of “I’ll Never Be Lonely” and the heartfelt, Cream-inspired “Bye Bye Blues” intrinsically dating Defrosted as a relic of the late 60’s and early 70’s…..but an endlessly rewarding amalgamation of the raw roots of rock and metal nonetheless.

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