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10 Non-Metal Songs That As A Metalhead You Need to Put In You

Come on.... live a little eh ?


This US band have been flirting with genres for ten years. Pop-punk, Electro-pop, Alt-rock and – more recently – proper metal ( They’re featured in my first ‘Metal Things I found on YouTube This Week‘ article with their newer release). But it’s this 2018 cut that had me listen and take notice. It’s absolutely infectious, and is a lesson in how to craft a chorus. Metal bands almost always fall down on their hooks – Against The Current have it down to an art. Their Rock Am Ring live set is just a great hour watching tiny vocalist Chrissy dominate the stage ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQLHwIzsHoc ) . Have a listen and no-one will blame you for having a little skank around the house to this.


When they’re not being eaten by snakes, being bitten by spiders, shortening already short words even shorter or slacking off work because ” I’m on a smoko“, Australians do produce some great metal bands. Whoretopsy of course being their prime export, Twelve Foot Ninja are Incubus but upside down and the late 80s Thrash of Mortal Sin wasn’t half bad. But for non-metal then the self-titled EP by Dead Letter Circus is very much something to be proud of and this furious track – that sounds about 300mph – is a highlight. Meytalll did a great drum playthrough of this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVpWZUj8b_A) but you can see her struggling to keep up. And she’s a metal drummer. This is a solid, foot-down road anthem music. For those 1000 mile trips between your house and the local corner shop to stock up on tinnies.

VUKOVI – Bouncy Castle 

I don’t care how much bleak Scandinavian Doom you stuff into your flaccid openings while wallowing in your miserable existential suffering, “Bouncy Castle” will put a smile on your face. This band from North Ayrshire in Scotland managed to turn their heather-laden, wind-swept, barren landscape into 3:25 of the fun-est rock that ever fun’ed. And if they can do it, you can too. Put down the Steig Larsson and the mournful winds of the endless sub-arctic tundra and inflate this floor-filling, glitter-ball party balloon in your living room.

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