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Like Animals – Feral – EP Review

Feral? This is no where near wild enough!

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Feral is the new EP from Canadian trio Like Animals. They have four previous EP’s to their name and claim in their bio that they “are breaking free of the constricting chains of modern music and are busy creating their own inhibited style of spastic-math-metal”. To be honest, having listened to this EP numerous times there is little metal to be found; math or otherwise.

The average visitor to Worship Metal is probably going to find very little that will appeal to them here, with the five tracks that make up Feral proving fairly  interchangeable. The same template of elastic guitar lines with emo-style melodic vocals is followed religiously although they do throw in some generic, semi-gruff vocals from time to time. To give the band their dues, they do employ some pretty good vocal harmony’s – such as towards the end of “Caterwaul” – and there are slight moments where a decent riff kicks in but these are few and far between.

Like Animals seem too intent on trying to be quirky to make an impression. Praise where praise is due though, drummer Will Tennant is an obvious talent and shines throughout Feral‘s duration with some fairly inventive fills.

This is quite the unfortunately named release because while this EP is many things, ‘feral’ is not one of them. Instead, this is the sort of generic ‘rock’ that a vast number of faceless bands peddle daily on Kerrang TV. Safe or sterile would have been more appropriate titles! 3/10

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