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Korn – Rotting In Vain – Single Review

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After dabbling in dubstep (ill-advisedly depending on your viewpoint), Korn are back with “Rotting In Vain” and it’s business as usual with elements of Korn’s core sound returning….but at a price. This is mainstream friendly stuff, the riffs are strangely subdued and Jonathan Davis’ vocals are, for the most part, accessible and 99% clean; hardly the ‘heavy’ return we were led to believe was on the horizon.

So far, so relatively predictable and disappointing then.

However, Korn fans will get a thrill from hearing Davis use his ‘scat’ delivery for the first time in an age – a vocal style that’s still potent, still iconic and still defiantly Korn – and drummer Ray Luzier’s pounding performance just about saves the day. All in all though, this is hardly prime Korn, even if it does exhibit the style found on their iconic albums, Follow The Leader and Untouchables.

Hopefully the new album will up the ante as “Rotting In Vain” feels phoned-in, manfully ticking the boxes perhaps but lacking in that killer riff or bowel-shaking heaviness that we know this classic band can unleash….time will tell. 6/10

The video for “Rotting In Vain” stars Sons of Anarchy actor Tommy Flanagan. Check out the clip, lensed by famed rock photographer & video director, Dean Karr, here – https://youtu.be/nq9j1qkj2Vc.

Hot on the heels of their festival-stealing set at this year’s Download, Korn have announced that their 12th studio album, The Serenity Of Suffering will be released on 21st October. The collection marks the band’s welcome return to Roadrunner Records, who previously released 2010’s Korn III – Remember Who You Are and 2011’s The Path of Totality.

You can pre-order the album from today at http://flyt.it/KORNSOS and grab the first single, “Rotting In Vain” right away.

Korn’s iconic frontman, Jonathan Davis, explains, “”Rotting In Vain” was written about being in that black place, being in situations that I don’t like in life, be it relationships or feeling when you’re stuck and you’re just being abused or you don’t like where you’re at, and you just sit there and rot. It takes you years and years to figure out how to claw your way out. That’s where “Rotting In Vain” came from. That’s the vibe that inspired the song.”

Produced by Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Deftones, Mastodon), The Serenity Of Suffering also features a special guest appearance from Corey Taylor of Slipknot.

Earlier this week, Korn kicked off their Return of the Dreads Tour in Denver, CO. This co-headlining summer trek with Rob Zombie, features special guests, In This Moment and continues through 3rd September. On 24th September, Korn will then share co-headlining duties with Breaking Benjamin on the Nocturnal Underground arena tour, featuring special guests, Motionless In White.

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2 Comments on Korn – Rotting In Vain – Single Review

  1. You seem to be in the minority.. Most people love it and see it as a return to their older albums. Just because it isn’t Slipknot heavy or heavier, doesn’t mean it isn’t good.
    There’s always going to be a negative Nancy in the bunch

    • Chris Jennings // July 31, 2016 at 2:51 pm // Reply

      A negative nancy….I love it! As always, this stuff comes down to opinion; nothing more, nothing less. Not sure where the comparison to Slipknot comes into play but if the new album does result in a return to their older albums then I’ll be as happy as the next man! Cheers for reading and commenting \m/

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