Lightning Apparently Does Strike Twice!

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Southern California’s Lightning Strikes are finally set to unleash their full-length debut album through Pure Legend Records. Originally formed in 1985, Lightning Strikes were part of the then red-hot L.A. metal scene and issued a now highly collectable 7” single. They then became a casualty of war when line-up problems beset the band’s first incarnation and led to their early demise. It would be another quarter century before founding member/drummer Karpis Maksudian decided to pick up the pieces and resurrect the dream. Joined by bassist Cat Tate – another member of the original Lightning Strikes line-up – he began working on new material while pulling in a number of A-list players to fulfill his vision. Enter guitarist extraordinaire, Rob Math and Brazilian vocalist Nando Fernandes – a recommendation by noted guitarist/producer Roy Z – who became the other two main protagonists in the new incarnation of Lightning Strikes! Maksudian also reached out to Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater) to add keyboards and brought in a pair of stellar guest vocalists in the shape of Tony Martin of Black Sabbath fame (who is heard on “Death Valley” and “301 AD Sin of Our Fathers”), as … Continue reading Lightning Apparently Does Strike Twice!