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Worship Metal’s 10 Most Underrated Roadrunner Records Albums!

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Downer – Downer (2001)

Source // images.thegauntlet.com

Source // images.thegauntlet.com

Despite arriving during rap-metal’s heyday, Downer were an entirely different proposition; a real obscurity amongst nu-metal era releases, the only release by L.A.’s Downer is an alternative metal anomaly that seems to have been utterly lost to the annals of time.

There’s a cold, dry sound to Downer that actually works in their favour. The unique vocals of J. Scott (whose delivery mixes a strangely robotic monotonous tone with a devious sense of melody) and the inventive staccato nu-metal riffing (you won’t find too many solos here) appear workmanlike on the surface but slyly work their way under your skin.

“Weed Eater” packed a vocal hook big enough to reel in a walrus and the incessant pace of “Last Time” was an in-your-face moment of malevolent melody overflowing with barely restrained menace. A true alternative to the majority of Roadrunner Records’ output in the early 00’s, Downer is a sorely underrated and misunderstood nu-metal time capsule.

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  1. Remember that I had this Realm release on cassette. Kill em all on side A and this one on side B. No description on the cassette, but I heard it was Metallica, years later I found out what was on the B-side. Great stuff

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