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Worship Metal’s 10 Most Underrated Roadrunner Records Albums!

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Gruntruck – Push (1992)

Gruntruck Push

Lumped in with the grunge crowd (hailing from Seattle and releasing Push in 1992 probably didn’t help) these pure rock ‘n’ rollers released one hell of a sophomore album and one that seems sadly consigned to the ‘also ran’ pile of the era.

Sure, you can hear Alice In Chains and Soundgarden influences but Gruntruck had their own distinct persona, with darkly ominous grooves and vocal patterns creeping steadily under your skin. True harbingers of the Seattle sound, how this band were merely a footnote in the grunge explosion is a travesty but at least time has enabled their reputation to grow and grow.

With tracks like “Crazy Love’, “Tribe” and “Push” in their sonic arsenal, huge success should have been assured. Alas, this is yet another underrated Roadrunner release but one that should appeal to those who like their head-banging riffs laced with some serious soul!

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  1. Remember that I had this Realm release on cassette. Kill em all on side A and this one on side B. No description on the cassette, but I heard it was Metallica, years later I found out what was on the B-side. Great stuff

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