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Worship Metal’s 10 Most Underrated Roadrunner Records Albums!

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Sanctity – Road to Bloodshed (2007)

Source // vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net

Source // vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net

Sanctity initially turned heads back in 2007 with their modern yet faithful tribute to Testament, Powermad and Annihilator; thrashing hard while thrash’s recovery was still finding it’s feet.

In modern metal terms, while Trivium – at their thrashiest – are a solid comparison, Sanctity were never riding roughshod over land already covered by Matt Heafy’s men. Instead, they delivered their own, distinct, brand of updated thrash. Admittedly, Roadrunner Records may have hoped Sanctity would replicate Trivium’s success – and Road To Bloodshed certainly had the quality to do so – but sadly the paying public failed to cotton on to what a tasty slice of melodic thrash they had at their disposal!

This was a crying shame as while the title track steps scarily close to metalcore’s formula, the power/thrash-fests of “Beloved Killer”, the huge “Zeppo” and the razor-sharp melodies of “Beneath The Machine” (where guitarist/vocalist Jared MacEachern ably recreates the roar of Testament man-mountain Chuck Billy) should have been enough to satisfy hardened thrashers accustomed to a little melody in their thrash.

Now plying his trade as Machine Head’s bassist, perhaps its too much to hope that one day Jared MacEachern will see fit to reform Sanctity and blow us all away with a follow up to this severely neglected modern thrash release.

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  1. Remember that I had this Realm release on cassette. Kill em all on side A and this one on side B. No description on the cassette, but I heard it was Metallica, years later I found out what was on the B-side. Great stuff

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