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Worship Metal’s 10 Most Underrated Roadrunner Records Albums!

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Sepultura – Nation (2001)

Sepultura - Nation

Derrick Green‘s second Sepultura outing arrived in 2001 and was home to thrash, hardcore punk and that tribal sound that has become synonymous with this legendary band.

From fiery bursts of brutal thrash (the short, sharp shock of “Revolt”) to experiments in thundering tribal grooves (“Uma Kura”) and arms-aloft anthems such as “Sepulnation”, this collection of political diatribes virtually fell into the nu-metal cesspool when it should have been revered for its experimental nature and quality songwriting.

Sepultura have arguably gone from strength to strength since this release – Dante XXII & Kairos are particularly noteworthy – and any notion that Sepultura aren’t ‘Sepultura’ without Max (& Igor) Cavalera are preposterous.

However, perhaps even the band have fallen out of love with Sepulnation – although they’ve never stopped fighting the good fight – as this political monster was practically ignored during their recent 30th Anniversary tour.

A shame, as this semi-forgotten treat from the ‘Seps’ sizeable back catalogue still contains enough power to shock and awe.

Have we forgotten your favourite underrated Roadrunner Records release? Pop it in the comments below and we’ll have a chinwag about it!

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  1. Remember that I had this Realm release on cassette. Kill em all on side A and this one on side B. No description on the cassette, but I heard it was Metallica, years later I found out what was on the B-side. Great stuff

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