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Worship Metal’s 10 Most Underrated Roadrunner Records Albums!

Home to acknowledged classics....and unsung greats too!

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Worship Metal highlights some truly forgotten classics from this most recognisable metal label!

Disincarnate – Dreams Of The Carrion Kind (1993)

Source // discogs.com

Source // discogs.com

Arriving just as the golden age of death metal drew to a close, James Murphy’s (Cancer, Death, Obituary, Testament) Disincarnate were a state of the art shock to the system; enamoured with technical showboating and bringing a level of brutality to technical death metal that had rarely been heard.

After honing his considerable chops with the cream of death/thrash metal, Dreams Of The Carrion Kind was James Murphy’s chance to prove his status as a death metal guitarist capable of steering his own ship instead of setting sail with whoever would offer him safe passage. As it turned out, he was more than ready. Dreams Of The Carrion Kind was – and still is – a masterpiece and deserves to be spoken of with the same reverential tones as early 90’s technical death metal standard bearers such as Suffocation’s Effigy Of The Forgotten, Atheists’ Unquestionable Presence and Death’s Human.

While vocalist Bryan Cegon growls with purpose, his one-dimensional delivery reveals itself to be fairly standard – all be it serviceable – but the same cannot be said for the ingenious layering of Murphy’s pendulum swinging solos and intricate, ever-changing riffs; a cavalcade of tempo changes and brutally complex song writing that proves Murphy was at his creative peak in 1993.

From the exquisite death/doom of “In Sufferance” and the Aaron Stainthorpe (My Dying Bride) guesting “Monarch Of The Sleeping Marches”, to the pummeling workout’s of “Deadspawn” and “Stench Of Paradise Burning”, the sheer audacity and technical verve on display remains revelatory but never at the extent of an ingenious hook to keep the neck muscles as well as the brain engaged.

Just the one album? A crying shame! An underrated Roadrunner Records release? You betcha!

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  1. Remember that I had this Realm release on cassette. Kill em all on side A and this one on side B. No description on the cassette, but I heard it was Metallica, years later I found out what was on the B-side. Great stuff

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