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Worship Metal Counts Down UK Doom Metal’s 10 Finest Moments!

Electric Wizard Put The Horror Back Into Doom Metal….

Source // www.nuclearblast.de

Source // www.nuclearblast.de

Let’s face it, doom metal started with Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” and that song was – and still is – bastard scary (more on that later). 27 years later – drawing on Hammer Horror and the occult as inspiration – Electric Wizard harnessed that same sense of skin-crawling unease through sheer riff force and fog-shrouded breathlessness; creating a waking nightmare that remains arguably unsurpassed in the genre.

Unfathomably slow at times and akin to chewing on the stickiest, sludgiest tobacco for all eternity, Come My Fanatics only offers respite from the agreeable monotony on “Wizard In Black” and “Son Of Nothing”; a welcome break from their austere ghoulishness that still maintains an atmosphere of incredible anxiety.

God-sized riffs and asphyxiating volume neatly sums up Electric Wizard’s sophomore album which seems to drift across a tumultous sea of fuzzy, drug-addled riffs and bass-heavy rumble. Not an easy listen by any means but Come My Fanatics remains a destructive gem from Britain’s high priests of distortion….the horror of doom metal had rightfully returned!

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