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Worship Metal Counts Down UK Doom Metal’s 10 Finest Moments!

Seventh Angel Perfected Doom/Thrash….

Source // 3.bp.blogspot.com

Source // 3.bp.blogspot.com

The UK seemed to enjoy experimenting with thrash, often combining seemingly disparate sub-genres to create an entirely new thrash experience. Sabbat and Skyclad incorporated pagan and folk influences, Cerebral Fix and Energetic Krusher embraced death metal while Seventh Angel chose to throw doom metal into the mix….and with astonishing results!

An original sound showcasing the finest moments of doom legends Candlemass and the technical meets traditional heavy metal thrash of Sanctuary, circa Into The Mirror Black, the often impenetrably dark and yet morbidly melancholic sound of Lament For The Weary saw Seventh Angel’s lumbering doom passages merge seamlessly with bursts of aggressive speed; fully ensconced in projecting pain and despair.

Not an easy ride but a rewarding one, Lament For The Weary remains a weighty tome, relentless and remorseless and akin to gourging on the great works of literature.

Not for the faint-hearted in other words!

A one of a kind album fully deserving of classic status and the finest doom/thrash album ever written.

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