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The 2016 UK Festival Perfomances You’d Be A Fool To Miss This Summer!

Mammothfest – Brighton and Hove, England – 30th September to 2nd October 2016

Source // Mammothfest

Source // Mammothfest

It’s all about the power of colossal earth-shattering riffs when Conan, Serpent Venom, Conjurer & Boss Keloid (amongst others) lay waste to Brighton’s Green Door Store as part of Mammothfest‘s Sunday shindig.

The UK underground is rich with a steady stream of talent currently emerging from the darkness to peddle their heavy metal wares and sludge, doom and stoner grooves are the order of the day once again. Neo-doom, post-sludge, caveman battle doom….call these guys what you will, the riffs do the talking and those riffs are classic in construction and heavy enough to shake the very bowels of hell!

The future of metal is undecided but these riff-wielding miscreants are ample proof that metal will never die.

Mammoth? This’ll be herculean!

Conjurer band pic


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4 Comments on The 2016 UK Festival Perfomances You’d Be A Fool To Miss This Summer!

  1. dont miss out Beermageddon, award winning festival mid to small but fabulous family atmosphere!!

  2. Hi all, please note Mammothfest 2016 is not just stoner-doom, we have 2 stages on the Friday night with either Eastern Front plus supports on our black metal stage OR Textures, Heart of a Coward plus supports. Saturday sees Venom Inc. plus supports take over the mighty Concorde 2 venue. Sunday we have the stoner-doom stage with Conan plus supports alongside another venue that supports our emerging artists stage. Go to http://www.mammothfest.UK for more information. Mammothfest

    • Chris Jennings // June 4, 2016 at 8:03 pm // Reply

      Too true….as mentioned by Steve, Mammothfest also has the considerable talents of Venom Inc, Eastern Front, Textures, Heart Of A Coward, Entrails, Liquid Graveyard, One Machine, Here There Be Monsters, Magna Carta, The Heretic Order, Basement Torture Killings, King Leviathan, Bleed Again and much, much more!! \m/

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