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The 12 Old-School UK Death Metal Albums You Have To Hear!

UK death metal at its finest!

Cancer – To The Gory End (1990)

It was a close call between 1990’s To The Gory End and 1991’s Death Shall Rise for inclusion here but it’s Cancer’s grisly debut that holds a naive charm and exemplifies the joy in streamlined, straight to the point and deadly simplistic death metal!

With more than just a little thrash in Cancer’s sound, the band truly excelled when delivering evil strains that rejected technicality in favour of an endless sea of effortlessly brutal riffing. This was seriously nasty stuff and the likes of “Cancer Fucking Cancer” were as distasteful as they sound. Fortunately, each track came laced with endless head-crushing riffs making this a mandatory album for those ‘in the know’ in the early 90’s.

Like an unidentified killer burying a machete deep in the back of your head, Cancer’s iconic debut never missed, it never faltered and it never pretended to be anything but a merciless killing machine….right through to the gory end!

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