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The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

2015 saw thrashing rage come of age once again!

9. Gama Bomb – Untouchable Glory



Must hear track: Opener, “Ninja Untouchables/Untouchable Glory”, sums up the entire album. Fast, fun and postively dripping with unparalleled entertainment.

Gama Bomb have never failed to inject some much appreciated fun into their thrash and Untouchable Glory was a grin inducing delight for more than one reason. The lyrics hit with their usual level of humour – the ironic observations of “Tuck Your T-shirt In” proving particularly chucklesome – but the biggest reason to head-bang with a shit-eating grin on your face is that Gama Bomb are now beyond mere parody, they are a modern thrash act par excellence!

Operating at ridiculous speeds throughout, the Gama Bomb sound of old appears to be amped up to new, ridiculous, levels; their mantra of “no clean guitars, no ballads, and no synths allowed” resulting in a quick-fire burst of glorious thrash that’s over in a heartbeat….you’ll still need medical attention to re-start that overworked heart once Untouchable Glory is over of course.

Packed with insanely memorable choruses – “Ride the Night” features a vocal hook so catchy you’ll need inoculating if you want to dig it out of your memory box – the sprint-to-the-finish nature of each track still finds time to imbed something memorable while furiously and frenetically thrashing you senseless along the way.

12 songs, 31 minutes and not a second wasted. One thing’s for sure, these boys ain’t no joke!

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10 Comments on The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

  1. Morti Viventi – The day the dead returned
    Distillator – Revolutionary Cells
    Best two for mine

  2. Hellbastard – Feral.

  3. Forgotten Horror, Aeon of the Shadow Goddess. Does it for me. I am enjoying discovering some of the bands on this list. Great job!

  4. Intrinsic #2!!! That is so awesome! We are so grateful. Thanks!

  5. Two of my favorite thrash albums this year are:

    Best: Inculter – Persisting Devolution
    2nd Best: Division Speed – Division Speed

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