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The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

2015 saw thrashing rage come of age once again!

1. Anihilated – Anti Social Engineering

Source // Anihilated

Source // Anihilated

Must hear track: “Thrashing Crew” is an old-school call to arms and an all time thrash classic in the making!

Almost 8 months after release and this intelligent, inspired and prescient masterclass in modern thrash is still the unequovable thrash highlight of the year.

Anihilated, one of the UK’s most revered and vital thrash bands, may have marked their return with 2010’s Scorched Earth Policy and 2013’s iDeviant but Anti Social Engineering upped the ante considerably; the introduction of master-of-all trades Danny B on guitar appearing to chrystalise Anihilated’s sound, ultimately leaving the ‘UK Slayer’ comparisons redundant. In any case, Anti Social Engineering shits all over Repentless!

If anything, the songs contained within have only improved as 2015 progressed. Proving particularly politically accurate, their power is palpable. The title track, featuring the guttural delights of Anton Reisenegger (Criminal/Pentagram [Chile]/Lock Up) on dual vocals, was a Testament style Death/Thrash face-pounder which took just two and a half minutes to leave indelible scars; aggressive Thrash at its finest.

Stripped back and bloodily raw, “Zombie 13”, “A Vile Congregation” and “Torn By The Tooth” were mid-album killers, all continuing the savage Thrash attack and avoiding the dreaded status of ‘filler’ but it was on “Thrashing Crew” where Anti Social Engineering reached its zenith.

Take it from us, “Thrashing Crew” can officially be added to the list of ultimate Thrash anthems; a call to arms to rival Megadeth’s “Rattlehead”, Testament’s “Into The Pit” and Exodus’ “Bonded By Blood“. Featuring guest vo-kills from Sy Keeler (Onslaught), Coke Finlay (Virus) and Jason McLoughlin (D.A.M.), the burgeoning reputation of UK thrash could not have be better represented and “Thrashing Crew” was a pit-inducing whirlwind of lacerating riffs and larynx-ripping vocals.

Closing with the epic “I Am The Beholder”, a suffocatingly crushing blast of 80’s thrash which builds and builds in intensity as the speed increases and Si Cobb’s vocals become ever more feral, this immense track was the perfect way to close an old-school Thrash album that fearlessly embraced a modern audience’s desire for face-melting riffs and 100% committed performances.

If you need a frighteningly accurate snapshot of modern life in the UK (and beyond) – set to a backdrop of blistering, seething thrash, of course – then look no further than Anti Social Engineering.

Anihilated annihilated the competition with this outstanding collection and it is the thrash album of 2015. No contest.

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10 Comments on The 10 Greatest Thrash Releases Of 2015

  1. Morti Viventi – The day the dead returned
    Distillator – Revolutionary Cells
    Best two for mine

  2. Hellbastard – Feral.

  3. Forgotten Horror, Aeon of the Shadow Goddess. Does it for me. I am enjoying discovering some of the bands on this list. Great job!

  4. Intrinsic #2!!! That is so awesome! We are so grateful. Thanks!

  5. Two of my favorite thrash albums this year are:

    Best: Inculter – Persisting Devolution
    2nd Best: Division Speed – Division Speed

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