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The 10 Greatest Old School UK Death Metal Albums

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UK death metal has predominantly been given a bum deal over the years, glossed over in favour of the output of our American cousins (who’s contribution, to be fair, was revolutionary) but to overlook the UK’s input would be foolish, at worst sacrilege!

So, Worship Metal has cast its eye back to a time when old-school UK death metal was producing sone truly outstanding releases but take note, we’re talking strictly early to mid 90’s here; don’t go getting pissy that Bolt Thrower‘s 2005 classic Those Once Loyal isn’t included!

Let the 10 Greatest Old School UK Death Metal Albums countdown begin…..

10. Dark Heresy – Abstract Principles Taken to Their Logical Extremes (1995)

Dark Heresy

Like the death metal version of UK thrashers Sabbat, these anti-Christian pagans were a complete anomaly in their respective genre but, sadly, Dark Heresy’s lasting legacy boils down to just this one album.

But, what an album it is! With concepts as complex as their compositions, these avant-garde, progressive death metallers seemed to throw every single idea into the mix, culminating in a bewildering experience that managed to be both beautiful and brutal in the same breath.

Basically, Dark Heresy sounded like an unholy union between Carcass and Testimony Of The Ancients-era Pestilence (by way of The Mahavishnu Orchestra!), their approach to songwriting proving difficult to pin down but proving utterly unique nonetheless.

You need to hear: “Hole”, the most diverse song on the album (and that’s saying something!) which expertly fused death metal and a style of baroque swing/jazz music! You have never heard anything quite like this and that’s guarenteed!

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