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Japanese Thrash: The 10 Greatest Old-School Albums

Thrash! The Japanese way!

Continuing in the vein of our British thrash, German thrash and Belgian thrash features, Worship Metal now casts its critical eye over 10 of the greatest old school thrash albums from Japan!

We’re talking old school thrash here, so nothing past the early 90’s. Don’t go getting all pissy just because Ritual Carnage aren’t included….they arrived on the scene far too late for this feature!

That being said….on with the show:

Sacrifice – Crest Of Black (1987)

Heavily influenced by Venom and Celtic Frost, this charred debut from Sacrifice is a primitive, gargling, thrashing time capsule of orthodox 80’s thrash.

Devoid of technicality, lacking in finesse and completely focused on bludgeoning you senseless, these guys sound like they recorded their first rehearsal and then unleashed it on the world.

Which isn’t a complaint!

When you come from a country who revels in avant-garde weirdness (much more of that later!) its refreshing to hear a Japanese band simply let rip and honour the pioneering work of the aforementioned Venom and Celtic Frost, alongside the blackened thrash of early Sodom and Destruction.

Sacrifice surely were riding a crest of black…..and, in the Far Eat at least, there were none blacker!

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