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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of German Thrash Metal (Part 2)

It's not all about Sodom, Kreator and Destruction you know!

4. Living Death – Protected From Reality (1987)

Living Death - Protected...

Savage as all hell, Living Death’s 3rd full length album was a speed/thrash onslaught that took thrash into ever more extreme spheres of madness, careening forth in a blitzkrieg of unhinged riffs and Thorsten Bergmann’s often unnerving banshee screams.

Perhaps an acquired taste, Living Death seemed to forfeit thrash metal’s accessible aspects for a more unholy approach but they did still find room for some serious showboating! Check out the masterful instrumental “Wood of Necrophiliac”, which finds time to incorporate obligatory 80’s acoustic guitar spliced with some serious chugging riffs, monk-like vocal chanting and an atmosphere which catapults the listener into the creepiest realms imaginable.

Raw, aggressive and unpredictable, this underrated thrash act were arguably never better than on Protected From Reality.

Liked that? Try this: 1985’s Metal Revolution, not as technically adept perhaps but still a fine slab of ferocious thrash!

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  1. Patrick Haines // July 16, 2017 at 8:04 pm // Reply

    Dude don’t let Pyracanda’s Two Sides of a Coin get snubbed!

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