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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of German Thrash Metal (Part 1)

It's not all about Sodom, Kreator and Destruction you know!

Deathrow – Riders Of Doom aka Satan’s Gift (1986)

Source // cdn.discogs.com

Source // cdn.discogs.com

In ’86, Deathrow were a whirlwind of  hyper thrash and almost unrecognisable to the band that would release the  more refined Raging Steel and the challenging progression of Deception Ignored just a few years later.

At this stage, Deathrow had more in common with the flurries of violence administered by Exodus, Razor and Dark Angel than the blackened fury conjured by their peers and perhaps that’s why Riders Of Doom – for the most part – remains a sadly undiscovered gem. Lost in the mire of high profile releases such as Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill and Destruction’s Eternal Devastation, Deathrow seemingly bubbled away under the surface releasing quality albums but to little or no avail. However, fans will know that with Riders Of Doom, the band had actually delivered an album strong enough to level the playing field!

The triumphant triumvirate of “Spider Attack”, “Slaughtered” and “Violent Omen” form an impressive centrepiece;  the sinewy strands of “Spider Attack” entrapping the listener before “Slaughtered” ups the shred levels and “Violent Omen” offers mid-tempo respite that still leaves you bruised and battered. A truly imposing trio of tracks and enough alone to warrant semi-clasic status.

Liked that? Try this: Progressive thrash doesn’t come much more challenging than Deathrow’s 3rd album, Deception Ignored.

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