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5 Obscure Rock / Metal Albums From 1970 You NEED To Hear!

Obscure yet essential....

The Human Beast – Volume 1 [UK]

The Human Beast – Volume One (CD) - Discogs

With The Human Beast‘s roots (understandably) entrenched in the psychedelic rock of the 60’s and all manner of Hendrix and Cream influences – think “World Of Pain”/ “Dance The Night Away” as opposed to “Sunshine Of Your Love” – this power trio may have plied their trade in the relatively melodic end of 70’s hard rock/psychedelic rock but their funk-infused power-tunes demonstrated a band with major promise. Admittedly, the loose ‘jam’ nature of Volume 1 proved to be down to a ridiculously limited 12 hour recording time but this does little to hamper proceedings.

See-sawing from reverb-drenched, whip-crack riffs to blues introspection – and neatly topped off with Eastern tinged riffs, endless fills and attention-deficit percussion – this relentlessly dark excursion into corners unexplored remains a riveting listen.

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