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5 Established Bands/Artists Who Embraced Nu-Metal!

If it ain't broke.....don't nu-metal it!

Machine Head – The Burning Red (1999), Supercharger (2001) & Catharsis (2018)

Ok, Supercharger is a big baggy bag of shite (except for “Bulldozer” which kicks ass) but Machine fuckin’ Head’s first dalliance with nu-metal was on the often overlooked The Burning Red.

Part nu-metal, part groove metal and part thrash, Machine Head’s 3rd album is home to some ferocious Head classics including the riff monster that was “The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears”, the harrowing sexual abuse tale of “Five” (disturbingly, child abuse was a recurring theme of nu-metal) and the more classic sounding, stomp and groove of “Exhale The Vile”.

Perhaps the rapping in “From This Day” was a little too much (although this track goes down great live now!) and the superfluous cover of “Message In A Bottle” (another nu-metal habit) was a step too far, but overall The Burning Red holds up remarkably well!

17 long years after Supercharger and Machine Head returned to the sounds of nu-metal on Catharsis, an album that will surely go down as the most divisive album of 2018. Surprised? Most of us were!

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